Vegetarian Meal Plans

Meal Choices

A meat-free diet plan for vegetarians and pescatarians

PharmX Meal Plan wouldn’t be the very best healthy meal program available if we didn’t offer a plan for those who prefer meatless protein options.

Less than 400 per serving
About 15-25 grams per serving
Around 35-40 grams per serving
Usually less than 15 grams per serving

Our Vegetarian Plan is designed for those who don’t eat meat, but still want a healthy, balanced meal plan with lots of delicious variety.

Not only do we actively seek out free-range and cruelty-free sources for our other meal plans, but we also offer a delicious Vegetarian meal plan that includes options to suit all kinds of vegetarian diets. Each week, in addition to dishes that are completely free of animal and animal-derived proteins, our Vegetarian plan also offers a small number of meals that include seafood, egg, and dairy elements. So no matter what kind of vegetarian diet you follow, you can be sure that PharmX Meal Plan has plenty of delicious choices for you!

Our Vegetarian meals:

  • Generally contain 290-350 calories
  • Never frozen or canned
  • Without artificial additives, preservatives, or added sugar
  • Includes legumes, nuts, & seeds to provide essential fatty acids
  • High in fibrous vegetables
  • Tasty and satisfying
  • Includes limited meal options with egg, dairy, and seafood proteins
  • No other animal proteins are used

Each Vegetarian meal item includes calorie and macro information for you to calculate your dietary intake and manage your exercise regimen.