Physician Coaching One-on-One

PharmX Professional coaches One-on-One in healthcare and wellness form partnerships with clients to optimize health and well-being by developing and sustaining healthful lifestyles. Coaches help clients enhance self-motivation and self-regulation, leverage strengths, navigate the journey of change, and build other psychological resources needed to change for good, including mindfulness, positivity, hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience.

An aging population means physicians are spending more time with sicker patients, but reimbursements are actually declining.

Physicians are expected to meet new "productivity" targets, but this means more patients per day and less personalized time with each patient.

Health plans are imposing patient quality "report cards" on physicians or else be dropped by the plan, but many physicians are not prepared to meet standards. Sophisticated and demanding baby boomers expect immediate access to specialists and treatments, but physicians question the need for costly and unnecessary care.The tech-savvy "millennium generation" are finding a mountain of healthcare information on the Internet, but physicians are expected to sort out the truth from the quackery for them.

Stratospheric rise in malpractice insurance is forcing many subspecialty physicians to leave the profession, and doctors are almost politically powerless to intervene. Insurers and patients are pushing physicians to use electronic medical records, but physicians are struggling with the cost of technology and the patient risk of "computer error". Hospitals and health plans increasingly expect physicians to follow clinical protocols, but physicians are distrustful of "cookbook" medicine

To add insult to injury, some physicians' hostile reactions to these changes are compounding the stress because they are lashing out at their clinical colleagues and staff. You've heard about the nursing shortage? In my view, nurses would be a lot happier if physicians would get One-on-One coaching!

Physicians are under a new kind of stress they never anticipated when they first went to medical school: Losing sleep because you're stumped by a complex patient case is one thing But losing sleep because you don't enjoy your work anymore or because you feel ineffectual well that's a whole a lot scarier for the every smart physician who has spent a lifetime developing mastery Simply put, many physicians are experiencing a breakdown in their career, in their working relationships and in their ethical and spiritual boundaries. Moreover, physician leaders who are trying to clean up the mess have their hands full too! The good news? There is no industry more-ripe for coaching than PharmX Universal, LLC!

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