PharmX Pharmaceutical Services

PharmX Pharmaceutical Services

Who we are
PharmX Universal Agency is the new and a better way for all people to save money on their prescriptions. With our proprietary technology, everyone now has access to one, low negotiated price on over 25,000 medications. Simply pay online before you pick up at a pharmacy near you to save.

No matter if you are insured, uninsured or something in between, we offer some of the lowest prices on over 25,000 medications. Think of it as the cure for high drug prices.

PharmX Universal is accepted at over 10,000 Pharmacies to serve our healthcare facilities and their out of states and country clients.

Nearby participating pharmacies
PharmX is accepted at over 10,000 U.S. pharmacies, including most major chains you can think of.

PharmX Universal Agency is on a mission to lower cost of prescription drugs and diabetic supplies to all Americans. We’re already helping Americans save on the most popular prescription medications. The more people who join PharmX Universal Pharmaceutical Prescription drugs and diabetic supplies program, the better prices we can negotiate for everyone. We’re counting on your help to put the word out.

Did you know, 70% of all Americans take prescription medication every day and prescription prices are skyrocketing. In case you didn’t know; Prescription drug costs for American households have gone up 385% in the last 5 years. 2011, $1,111 Per capita, In 2016, went up $4,270 Per capita straight up 385%.

Now, 1 in 3 family cannot afford to buy their medications that are prescribed by their doctors, causing financial hardship, prescriptions left at the pharmacy, skipped doses, and increased hospitalization. PharmX is Fighting back, and we need more of you to sign up with us today. Again, the more people that join PharmX Universal Pharmaceutical Prescription drugs and diabetic supplies program, the more we can negotiate and lower prices for you.

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Take control of your medication costs. See how much you could save with PharmX. Join PharmX Universal Pharmaceutical Prescription drugs and diabetic supplies program today! Sign up below NOW.

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