PharmX Laboratory Services

PharmX Laboratory Services provides cohesive and comprehensive laboratory service, support and faster result delivery. Our customized service offerings and world-class service experts have the flexibility and experience to uniquely address all healthcare providers (medical practices, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, clinics) laboratory needs.

PharmX has partnered with some of the top and innovative laboratory companies throughout the United States, with state of the art analytical technology, innovative reporting systems and clinical consultation from board-certified specialists to provide healthcare providers greater quality and accurate patient data, and faster delivery of their specimens samples results. PharmX is devoted to providing healthcare professionals with accurate, dependable, and actionable toxicology, blood test and pharmacogenetic (PGx) services.

PharmX Laboratory Services is also designed to assist healthcare providers in establishing, monitoring and maintaining appropriate patient prescription therapy through Pharmacogenomics or Pharmacogenetics (PGx) testings. Continuity of care and treating the whole patient are key. The PharmX panel does that for physicians. It incorporates both generally applicable and highly specific tests so nothing gets lost in interpretation. It’s all there in our lab reports, which is both simple to understand and incredibly detailed.

Genetics is Forever. Over the course of a lifetime, a patient’s genes don’t change. PharmX Universal Agency believes in a few years genetic data will be a feature in everyone’s private medical record. Treatment plans will automatically take that data into account. Our laboratories panels are the first step toward that. Our labs have incorporated different genetic tests into the panel, covering more than 90% of medications. That means a test taken today will provide insight into treatment considered years from now.

PharmX also understands the importance of quick, accurate drug screenings and confirmations for treatment centers, pain management clinics, and other healthcare providers.

Urine Drug Testing (UDT) testing can be conducted with CLIA-waived instant-read devices, as well as instrumented devices (e.g. analyzers). These devices perform qualitative immunoassay tests only.

Our labs’ urine drug test devices are used to provide healthcare professionals with immediate information, particularly on initial patient intake. While providing certain clinical value to the treating health care professional, these qualitative immunoassay tests identify the presence of a drug class, and a few specific drugs.

PharmX Laboratory Services provides health care professionals with the choice of individual test selection, as opposed to pre-set panels of tests. Collect specimens (urine or oral fluid) and send to our Laboratory partners to identify the individual drugs and metabolites selected based on medical necessity.

The limitations of point-of-care testing, including cut off levels and known cross-reactivity, is important to consider. When it is clinically necessary to identify all specific drugs and illicit substances, laboratory quantization provides more comprehensive results for patient care decisions.

PharmX Laboratory Services is physicians, hospitals, clinics, rehabs, treatment centers, and other healthcare providers’ complete solution design and implementation for seamless laboratory service and support management. PharmX prides itself on individualized customer support and service based on the needs of our client’s organization.

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