The PharmX Representatives

"Each and every one in our team represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless PharmX’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team."


Michael W. Gempel
Business Development Director

I spent three years in college studying to become a pharmacist before working for McDonald’s Corporation for 15 years. I started as a manager trainee and worked my way up to Manager, Training Consultant, and then Market Supervisor. I received the Manager of the Year Award three times for performing at an exceptional level for delivering the highest standards of Quality, Service, and Cleanliness. Profitability was consistently recognized with excellence and outstanding performance reviews.

In 1987, I left the company to purchase and operate two Subway restaurants. Eventually, I became a partner in two others. I ran for a position on the Advertising Board to begin to change the way the company advertised. Each month I continued to produce the best in company standards as well as profitability.

A career change in 1992, I entered into the furniture manufacturing and sales business. After 60 days as a sales consultant, I was promoted to Showroom Manager of The Boca Showroom. For seven years on a regular basis, I produced one of the three highest sales and profit margins of the company. The manufacturing facility was located in Dallas where I soon took on the responsibilities of Company Sales Training Manager. At the same time, I assumed this position, I was put in charge of the nine showrooms in Florida, opening new showrooms, and hiring and training the staff for the Southeast Regional manager more than six times, I finally took the position. Three weeks out of each month was spent on the road or in Dallas. During this time I promoted more individuals to managers than anyone in the country.

For the past 8 years, I have been involved in the ownership of a Healthcare facility. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with a variety of Healthcare Practitioner’s while working on growing our practice. Helping individuals learn more about how the body ages medically and being involved in improving their overall health has been extremely rewarding.

To contact Mr. Gempel, Phone (561) 376-0299, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Gempel at

Karl Vaeth
Business Client Relations

For almost a decade, I worked in the leather furniture business which was the largest manufacturer and retailer of leather furniture in the entire United States. I was the National Service/Training representative for the East coast and mid-West. I traveled across the country, teaching other dedicated technicians how to repair the company products and take care of their customers’ need. Learning people skills and continuing education always helped me grow. In my early years, I also learned that hard work will always beat the talent. As a healthcare provider, I simply want you to know, I am committed to working hard for you.

I left and moved on to the Power Sports business where I was provided with a more challenging opportunity which I embraced and faced head-on. Challenges were anywhere from setting up manufacturer events to training sales staff to handling marketing strategies. They kept me extremely busy but it was fun and a very rewarding position. I became a sales manager and assist Finance Manager and within 6 months I was promoted to managing my own branch in Delray Beach. I managed that branch successfully for 5 years until I decided to open a Medical Clinic in 2010. I have been in the healthcare field and healthcare sales and marketing ever since.

I have been a business owner healthcare field for 7 years now and with my team, we have been successfully building the business organically and increasing our client volume while being able to offer other modalities to help our clients. My main goal is to empower healthcare providers to deliver intuitively and personalize services to their clients.

The kicker for me is since I have been selected to join the amazing team at PharmX Universal Agency, I am now further ahead and on track to achieving my main goal of empowering healthcare providers. At PharmX, we get to empower and provide healthcare providers and their staff a better, more effective and safer way to care for their clients.

To contact Mr. Vaeth, Cell 561-225-9922, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Vaeth at

Ryan Bishop, LAC
Doctor Patient Relations

Diplomate of Acupuncture Ryan Bishop is a licensed acupuncture physician who was introduced to the field of healthcare at an early age. Growing up, Mr. Bishop had the unique opportunity to observe the ins and outs of medical practices, many doctor offices, and hospitals during his childhood and adolescence because his father is an Osteopathic Physician medical doctor who had a very large family practice for over 20 years in the western communities of Palm Beach County.

After high school, Mr. Bishop joined the United States Coast Guard where he learned great discipline and seamanship, with an honorable discharge he decided to learn and study health, anatomy, and physiology. In 2002 he received his license in massage therapy and bodywork when he then started his own business to help and educate people.

Continuing his education Mr. Bishop studied emergency care and practiced as a paramedic for five years working in emergency rooms and driving ambulances. Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop L.Ac. has over 17 years of hands-on healing practice with hundreds of people from all over the globe. He graduated in 2012 at the top of his class from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and received his Master's Degree of Oriental Medicine in the Highest Standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then he embarked on a trip for 7 months in Australia and New Zealand working as the lead acupuncture physician on the Pacific Pearl Cruise Ship with the great opportunity to conduct hundreds of seminars and educational presentations to large audiences.

During his time underway he was able to perfect his skills as an acupuncture physician by treating thousands of patients, prescribing herbal formulas, making great contacts, and traveling around the south Pacific ocean. Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop LAC. is a practicing acupuncture physician, Holistic Alternative Psychology Counselor, Qigong / Tai Chi instructor, nutritional counselor, a guide for meditation, and yoga who resides and practices in Palm Beach and Broward Counties of South Florida.

He has a strong ability to build and maintain quality care of patients utilizing many modalities such as painless acupuncture needle insertion, Reiki, Tui Na (soft tissue manipulation), auricular therapies, dietary nutrition therapy, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, herbal therapies, guided meditation, and much more.

He conducts many seminars and group therapy sessions on a monthly basis and has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers helping Western Medical Doctors integrate and compliment their treatments using age-old treatment modalities for more natural approaches. Some of Mr. Bishop’s goals and interests is to integrate western and eastern medicine by educating and creating a large network of medical doctors and alternative health care providers so that people can receive the best-personalized health care available. Mr. Bishop recognizes that with accurate and efficient laboratory testing, the healthcare providers can have a more honest understanding of a patients specific blood work, nutritional needs, hydration, circulation, and toxicity.

To contact Dr. Bishop, Cell 561-707-8451, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Dr. Biship at

Ralph Louis
Health & Fitness Director

Ralph Louis’ passion for health and fitness stems from his natural desire to incorporate these aspects into his life: 1) FUN through physical activity, 2) Gaining PEACE of mind and clarity, 3) Constant CHALLENGES for knowledge and growth.

Ralph’s own personal challenges have given him a real appetite to help others overcome adversity. Since 2014, his clients have gone from rehabilitation patients to bodybuilders. As a personal trainer, Ralph strives to help each client establish and accomplish their goals by designing programs that will help develop skills, coordination, and flexibility. As your personal trainer, he will challenge, empower, and drive YOU towards your personal fitness goals!

Ralph lives, dreams and eats fitness every day of his life. He fell in love with fitness. Ralph wanted to share his love with others who have the aspiration to become better, stronger versions of themselves.

    To contact Mr. Louis, Cell 561-460-6746, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Louis at

    John Swartz
    Business Marketing Director

    John Swartz is a sales professional who partners with physicians, case managers, referral coordinators, medical directors, business professionals and their staff to provide solutions through PharmX services. After spending more than a decade working in sales and marketing for small business and corporate companies, John knows how to truly bridge the gap between sales and science and it's more than just a smiling face. It's how well you ask the appropriate questions and connect with people you're trying to help while communicating your understanding back to them. John understands that providing great customer service is important too for maintaining long-lasting relationships.

    Although John's greatest achievements are yet to come, he contributes his success to a strong desire to work hard, being a quick learner and team player. He enjoys growing new business and developing new relationships. He strives to be a role model and leader in the medical industry. His long-term goal is to develop the skills and tools necessary to grow into a management role with PharmX.

    John holds a BS degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Findlay.

    To contact Mr. Swartz, Cell (561) 706-9363, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Swartz at

    Teresa Deal
    Healthcare Coordinator

    I was hired by Keiser Computer Company in 1988 where I worked as the Medical Manager. My position consisted of building Servers, setting up workstations, and training the staff of the new Software within the Medical Offices. Also worked on creating reports and training the staff on how to read those reports to allow the offices to go paperless.
    In 1994 I switched my employment to IBM in Boca Raton where I worked as an I.T. Consultant. I spent 25 years as a Software I.T. Professional before I decided to switch careers.
    In 2009 I became a licensed Health Care Professional. Since then I have devoted my time and interest in working with Senior Citizens assisting them with there Medicare Coverage. In order to assist more of the seniors in my area I joined the Boynton Beach Senior Center.
    I have also been trained and certified as a Personal Trainer with two certifications. 1996 ACE Certified Personal Trainer and 1999 NCSF Personal Trainer.
    Recently I joined PharmX as a Consultant to help change the Heath Care Industry.

    To contact Mr. Deal, Cell 561-577-6084, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Deal at

    Theodore Alex, PhD
    Healthcare Facilitator

    Theodore C. Alex, PhD. is a resident of the Chicago area. He has a PhD. in Business Administration, an MBA and a BS – Business Administration. Active as a consultant in the Healthcare and Business community, he has been a consultant for thirty years. In the past seven years he has concentrated in the Healthcare industry and was a CEO for two Home Health companies. He also has many years of working with hospitals, clinics, and multi-doctor practices in several states.

    Dr. Alex also has been a professional in higher education and was a professor of business for thirty years. He served as a College Dean at two schools and an MBA Program Director at two institutions. He was instrumental in setting up MBA programs in healthcare management in Ohio and Wisconsin and teaching sites at five hospitals.

    The background of education and experience allows Dr. Alex to blend the best of business and operational practices with the knowledge of healthcare organizations, regulations, and trends.

    To contact Mr. Alex, Cell (847) 373-0480, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Alex at