The PharmX Representatives

"Each and every one in our team represents the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of how limitless PharmX’s potential is to grow. We go to great lengths to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team."


Tahira Noormohamed
Consultant Liaison Director

Tahira Noormohamed is a Practice and Laboratory Management Consultant with over eleven years of experience.  Ms. Noormohamed began her career in phlebotomy and medical billing then transitioned to laboratory services. Her experience ranges from Surgical Coordinator for Memorial Healthcare Systems, Sales and Customer Support for MMMS Diagnostics along with National Account Management and Implementation Specialist for well-established laboratories. Over the past five years, she has worked alongside diverse specialty practices ranging from Occupational Health to Family Medicine and has an in-depth understanding of their requirements and essential needs. 

Tahira is experienced and well versed in how to provide the very best provider-patient outcome in a well-managed setting along with being HIPAA compliant. She is recognized for her leading-edge initiatives and strategies, as well as earning high regards from her peers and established a distinguished path of successful entities. She believes leadership is about forging relationships and perpetuating communication centered on and around a common vision, value, and goal.

To contact Ms. Noormohamed, Phone (561) 208-3970, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Ms. Noormohamed at

Seabron A. Smith
Doctor Patient Coordinator

Seabron Smith joined the Center for Technology, Enterprise and Development (TED Center) in 1997 as the Business Incubator Manager and was promoted to Executive Director in 1998. During his tenure as Executive Director, the TED Center has increased its programs delivery from a hand full of aspiring entrepreneurs to creating over 450 businesses.

In 2005, the TED Center became one of the only Non-Profit entities to build an $18.5-million-dollar project and made the news as one of the most successful public-private partnerships. Smith has 27 years of experience at the local, state and regional level in the field of community development. A Professional with a history of creating and maintaining successful linkage between the private and public sectors. Demonstrated strengths in Program Development and Business Management, involving the provision of services to thousands of displaced professionals and non-professionals that require complex business start-up procedures that will promote job creation, resulting in economic growth and community revitalization. Demonstrated strong intergovernmental and inter-organizational relations with expertise in research and developmental strategies to achieve organizational goals.

A native of north Florida, Mr. Smith earned a degree in Business Administration from Albany State University of Albany Georgia and received numerous awards such as; member in the National Register’s WHO’S WHO in Executives and Professionals 2002-2003 Edition and IN 2011 named as one of the most 50 powerful Black Executives of South Florida

To contact Mr. Seabron, Cell 561-573-1202, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Seabron at

Samantha Shields
Healthcare facilitator

Samantha Shields is a Healthcare facilitator with PharmX Universal. Samantha began her active role in healthcare community in 2016 and has been conducting training seminars since 2014. Samantha earned her bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Central Florida’s School of Business Administration. At Boca Raton’s Lynn University, Samantha earned her MBA. Samantha currently leads training with PharmX sales reps while continuing to work closely with leadership on ways to facilitate more growth opportunities within the healthcare community.

To contact Ms. Shields, Cell 407-758-3200, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Ms. Shields at

Hector Toribio
Healthcare Consultant

Hector Toribio is an industry expert with more than 15 years of medical professional sales experience in both retail and business spaces in the medical world. Hector attended the University of Phoenix and received his B.S. in Business with a focus on management.

Mr. Toribio is a Medical Marketing Consultant Officer at PharmX Universal Agency with responsibility for Medical consultant, Medical brand management, and corporate sponsorships. Prior to joining PharmX, Mr. Toribio worked in strategic business development and marketing at several companies and served in staff positions in the Home HealthCare industry. Notable Mr. Toribio spent four (4) years in business development for several networks of hospitals, where he directed major Marketing sponsorships and other partnering initiatives for them.

Hector’s greatest strengths are his creativity, drive, and leadership. He thrives on challenges, particularly those that expand the company’s reach. Mr. Toribio’s most recent project involved a strategic partnership with The HATT Foundation Inc. which is a 501(c)(3) non-profit International organization that works to bring services to the fast-growing Caribbean market. This resulted in annual revenue of $116 million in medical diabetic supplies sales.

To contact Mr. Toribio, Cell 302-363-6671, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Toribio at

Ralph Louis
Health & Fitness Director

Ralph Louis’ passion for health and fitness stems from his natural desire to incorporate these aspects into his life: 1) FUN through physical activity, 2) Gaining PEACE of mind and clarity, 3) Constant CHALLENGES for knowledge and growth.

Ralph’s own personal challenges have given him a real appetite to help others overcome adversity. Since 2014, his clients have gone from rehabilitation patients to bodybuilders. As a personal trainer, Ralph strives to help each client establish and accomplish their goals by designing programs that will help develop skills, coordination, and flexibility. As your personal trainer, he will challenge, empower, and drive YOU towards your personal fitness goals!

Ralph lives, dreams and eats fitness every day of his life. He fell in love with fitness. Ralph wanted to share his love with others who have the aspiration to become better, stronger versions of themselves.

    To contact Mr. Louis, Cell 561-460-6746, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Louis at

    Ryan Bishop, LAC
    Doctor Patient Relations

    Diplomate of Acupuncture Ryan Bishop, is a licensed acupuncture physician who was introduced to the field of healthcare at an early age. Growing up, Mr. Bishop had the unique opportunity to observe the ins and outs of medical practices, many doctor offices, and hospitals during his childhood and adolescence because his father is an Osteopathic Physician medical doctor who had a very large family practice for over 20 years in the western communities of Palm Beach County.

    After high school, Mr. Bishop joined the United States Coast Guard where he learned great discipline and seamanship, with an honorable discharge he decided to learn and study health, anatomy, and physiology. In 2002 he received his license in massage therapy and bodywork when he then started his own business to help and educate people.

    Continuing his education Mr. Bishop studied emergency care and practiced as a paramedic for five years working in emergency rooms and driving ambulances. Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop L.Ac. has over 17 years of hands-on healing practice with hundreds of people from all over the globe. He graduated in 2012 at the top of his class from Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine and received his Master's Degree of Oriental Medicine in the Highest Standards of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Then he embarked on a trip for 7 months in Australia and New Zealand working as the lead acupuncture physician on the Pacific Pearl Cruise Ship with the great opportunity to conduct hundreds of seminars and educational presentations to large audiences.

    During his time underway he was able to perfect his skills as an acupuncture physician by treating thousands of patients, prescribing herbal formulas, making great contacts, and traveling around the south Pacific ocean. Dipl. Ac. Ryan Bishop LAC. is a practicing acupuncture physician, Holistic Alternative Psychology Counselor, Qigong / Tai Chi instructor, nutritional counselor, guide for meditation, and yoga who resides and practices in Palm Beach and Broward Counties of South Florida.

    He has a strong ability to build and maintain quality care of patients utilizing many modalities such as painless acupuncture needle insertion, Reiki, Tui Na (soft tissue manipulation), auricular therapies, dietary nutrition therapy, certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils, herbal therapies, guided meditation, and much more.

    He conducts many seminars and group therapy sessions on a monthly basis and has worked in hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers helping Western Medical Doctors integrate and compliment their treatments using age-old treatment modalities for more natural approaches. Some of Mr. Bishop’s goals and interests is to integrate western and eastern medicine by educating and creating a large network of medical doctors and alternative health care providers so that people can receive the best-personalized health care available. Mr. Bishop recognizes that with accurate and efficient laboratory testing, the healthcare providers can have a more honest understanding of a patients specific blood work, nutritional needs, hydration, circulation and toxicity.

    To contact Dr. Bishop, Cell 561-707-8451, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Dr. Biship at

    Sharida Khan-Avella
    Clinical Social Worker (MSW)

    Sharida Khan-Avella was born in Guyana, South America. She is a graduate of NYU with Bachelors in History, Psychology. She also obtained a Master's degree in clinical social work from NYU. She is also in pursuit of her Ph.D. in Clinical  Psychology.

    To contact Ms. Khan-Avella, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Ms. Khan-Avella at

    Karl Vaeth
    Healthcare Mgmt Director

    For almost a decade, I worked in the Leather Furniture business, for Leather Center. They were the largest manufacturer and retailer of Leather furniture in the entire United States. I was the National Service/Training representative for the East coast and mid-West. I traveled across the country, teaching other dedicated technicians how to repair the company products and take care of their customers’ need. Learning people skills and continuing education always helped me grow. In my early years, I also learned that hard work will always beat the talent. As a healthcare provider, I simply want you to know, I am committed to working hard for you.

    I left and moved on to the Power Sports business where I was provided with a more challenging opportunity which I embraced and faced head-on. Challenges were anywhere from setting up manufacturer events to training sales staff to handling marketing strategies. They kept me extremely busy but it was fun and a very rewarding position. I became a sales manager and assist Finance Manager and within 6 months I was promoted to managing my own branch in Delray Beach. I managed that branch successfully for 5 years until I decided to open a Medical Clinic in 2010. I have been in the healthcare field and healthcare sales and marketing ever since.

    I have been a business owner healthcare field for 7 years now and with my team, we have been successfully building the business organically and increasing our client volume while being able to offer other modalities to help our clients. My main goal is to empower healthcare providers to deliver intuitively and personalize services to their clients.

    The kicker for me is since I have been selected to join the amazing team at PharmX Universal Agency, I am now further ahead and on track to achieving my main goal of empowering healthcare providers. At PharmX, we get to empower and provide healthcare providers and their staff a better, more effective and safer way to care for their clients.

    To contact Mr. Vaeth, Cell 561-225-9922, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Vaeth at

    John Swartz
    Administrative Coordinator

    John Swartz is a sales professional who partners with physicians, case managers, referral coordinators, medical directors, business professionals and their staff to provide solutions through PharmX services. After spending more than a decade working in sales and marketing for small business and corporate companies, John knows how to truly bridge the gap between sales and science-and it's more than just a smiling face. It's how well you ask the appropriate questions and connect with people you're trying to help while communicating your understanding back to them. John understands that providing great customer service is important too for maintaining long-lasting relationships.

    Although John's greatest achievements are yet to come, he contributes his success to a strong desire to work hard, being a quick learner and team player. He enjoys growing new business and developing new relationships. He strives to be a role model and leader in the medical industry. His long-term goal is to develop the skills and tools necessary to grow into a management role with PharmX.

    John holds a BS degree in biology and chemistry from the University of Findlay.

    To contact Mr. Swartz, Cell (561) 706-9363, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Swartz at 

    Trevor Lucas
    Healthcare Facilitator

    Trevor Lucas is an accomplished medical sales professional who has been serving the South Florida area for nearly 14 years. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Trevor relocated to south Florida with his family prior to entering high-school. After high-school, Trevor enrolled at Florida Atlantic University and graduated with a degree in biology. Soon after, he pursued a graduate degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from the University of Florida.

    Prior to joining PharmX, Trevor spent nearly a decade in business development and account management roles spanning across the medical industry. Trevor brings with him a superior and unparalleled level of customer service and is determined to meet the needs of your practice by exceeding your expectations.

    To contact Mr. Lucas, Cell 561-319-4415, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Lucas at

    Theodore Alex, PhD
    Healthcare Facilitator

    Theodore C. Alex, PhD. is a resident of the Chicago area. He has a PhD. in Business Administration, an MBA and a BS – Business Administration. Active as a consultant in the Healthcare and Business community, he has been a consultant for thirty years. In the past seven years he has concentrated in the Healthcare industry and was a CEO for two Home Health companies. He also has many years of working with hospitals, clinics, and multi-doctor practices in several states.

    Dr. Alex also has been a professional in higher education and was a professor of business for thirty years. He served as a College Dean at two schools and an MBA Program Director at two institutions. He was instrumental in setting up MBA programs in healthcare management in Ohio and Wisconsin and teaching sites at five hospitals.

    The background of education and experience allows Dr. Alex to blend the best of business and operational practices with the knowledge of healthcare organizations, regulations, and trends.

    To contact Mr. Alex, Cell (847) 373-0480, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Alex at

    Omar Kazi
    Medical IT Software Security

    Mr. Kazi is our HIPPA certified Medical IT. Graduated from Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) Class of 2010- Doctor of Medicine (MD). Came on board with eMedical Practice in 2013 as the Clinical Advisor/Implementation Manager and now with PharmX as the company's Medical IT & Software Security.

    To contact Mr. Kazi, call Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Kazi at

    Paul Fath
    Administrative Manager

    Paul Fath is a patient-focused, results-driven clinician who brings years of nursing and business experience together which makes him uniquely qualified to help your medical practice achieve its professional goals and increase the profitability of your practice.

    Paul has over 10 yrs experience in the medical business. He is a licensed RN and has worked in large hospitals (medical/surgical), the operating room, as a hospice nurse, as a director of nursing working with quadriplegics and paraplegics, as a supervisor for a rehab and long-term care facility, and as a psychiatric RN.

    Prior to nursing, Paul was a project manager for Crown Castle, Int'l, the world's largest builder of cellular towers. There he managed a staff of 80 people responsible for developing the wireless/cellular market for Cricket Communications in Phoenix, AZ. In addition to developing cellular markets, Paul worked for several Fortune 500 companies in their corporate real estate department managing the process of developing new stores in multiple real estate markets which added significant increases to each company's EBITDA, profitability and ultimately their stock price.

    Given this background, Paul intimately understands the delicate balance between the need to provide excellent patient care and the need to grow and increase profitability in order to maintain a healthy workplace environment. His passion for patient care is second to none and his passion to help you grow your business and increase your profitability is even greater.

    To contact Mr. Fath at 480-580-5772, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Fath at

    Joseph Coles
    Healthcare Facilitator

    Joseph brings a strong vision and proven track record of building exceptional success-driven, high-energy sales teams to PharmX. With a keen eye for talent, he personally manages the recruiting, training and professional development of his team members to maximize potential and increase profits. Joseph greatly enjoys leading the sales team to achieve business and life goals and seeing their accomplishments rewarded. He joins PharmX from Medi-Pharmaceutical, where he served successfully as the General Manager & Sales Manager by fostering a supportive sales environment, capitalizing on potential through collaborative efforts and building strong team players. Joseph has over 15 years’ experience in sales and business development. His background also includes experiences with the yourNEWS Media Group, Global Charity Association, Treasure Coast Asset Management and Wealth Management and Advisory.

    To contact Mr. Coles at 772-528-1042, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Coles at

    Leo Moreno
    Healthcare Consultant

    Leo Moreno is a Pharmaceutical Industry Sales Manager with 20 Sales and Customer Service Representatives on his team. A “late bloomer”, Leo decided to make the journey back to higher learning in his late 20’s. After completing the Paramedic Sciences Program with a 4.0 GPA at Broward State College, Leo was awarded the Dr. Floyd F. Koch Scholarship for finishing No.1 in his class. Moving on to the Fire Academy, Leo completed the program with the highest grade average in program history (99.4%).

    A salesman by trade, Leo soon found himself back on a sales team. Moving up from a Junior Sales Rep to managing his own team in less than 12 months. More so than his education, Leo credits his sales abilities to a combination of street smarts, and the communication skills he learned by working his way through school as a bartender.

    To contact Mr. Moreno, Cell 954-650-7775, Toll-free 1 (888) 387-7218 or drop an e-mail to Mr. Moreno at