PharmX Medical Bookkeeping and Safety Services

With PharmX Universal Agency, bookkeeping services, you get the confidence that is found inaccurate, up-to-date financial information. Whether you need an entire accounting financial department or just someone to oversee and support the work of your existing in-house financial staff, you’ll get the help you need.

With PharmX Universal you and your business have access to:

Your own team
Never hire or train again! You’ll be assigned your own U.S.-based accounting team of bookkeepers, staff accountant, and accounting manager.

A broad range of services
Pharm X’s accounting services range from invoicing and paying bills to account reconciliation and collections. They’re customizable and scalable, too. You decide if you want to do anything in-house.

Financial intelligence
Get reports based on your business and a dashboard of key performance indicators and company scorecards. You’ll have ongoing, real-time insight into your company's financials.

Fraud assistance
With rigorous procedural guidelines and multiple layers of oversight, you’ll have a team of financial professionals who can quickly identify potential issues and reduce your risk of fraud.

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