PharmX Career

Founded in 2000 to respond to medical staffing shortage, PharmX Medical Staffing and Recruiting Services has grown from a small medical staffing team to Pharmacogenomics to an all-around Healthcare services, hospitals, Clinics, major health management services. We are eager recruiters to an organization with satisfied employees and clients across the United States. The success behind our growth is predicated on the expectations of providing personalized and intuitive services to our clients in recruitment, retention, and customer care.

PharmX Universal Agency has a strong belief in developing leaders and in serving its clients with great care. PharmX is now one of the leading provider of home healthcare, medical staffing, facility staffing, and wellness services. PharmX offers a wide range of services, from placing nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals in jobs that satisfy individual career needs; to placing caregivers, phlebotomists, Pharmacogenomics labs and home health aides in properly-matched homecare environments; to working with healthcare professionals in the provision of wellness, pharmacogenetics (PGx) and immunization services. PharmX offers opportunities and services to virtually every division and subdivision of the healthcare industry. 

PharmX Universal Agency is always looking for qualified professionals to join our team. We look for individuals that possess leadership capabilities, welcome new challenges, and bring unique talents to enhance the company’s growth, as well as their own. If you are interested in taking your career to the next level, PharmX can help.

PharmX’s Responsibility is to provide reliable, safe, and patient-centered care through innovation and efficient care delivery models throughout the healthcare industry to our clients. 

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