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Why PharmX Universal?

Flexibility. Support. Opportunity.

PharmX Universal Solutions, is proud to be defined by where we’ve been, who we’ve helped, and how we’ve earned our national reputation for uncompromising service.

Our processing techniques and our team support provide PharmX a distinct advantage in the health care industry. PharmX realizes the key to deliver is in the details from one office at the time from start to finish.

At PharmX Universal Solutions, we believe the key to unparalleled customer service lies in building true partnerships with our clients. By focusing on the values and business PROCESSES unique to each client, we are able to relieve any challenges at the local and national level.

If you’re looking to make the most of your healthcare medical service provider, PharmX Universal is the right company to help you achieve that goal. With more then 20 years in the industry, PharmX Universal Solutions is a reliable and respected service provider to Hospitals, Home Health Agencies, Assisted Livings, Senior Cares, Pharmacies and other medical facilities.